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Guangdong Lituo automation equipment Co., Ltd

Contact: Mr. Zhang

Sales Hotline: 18665717216

Telephone: 020-84551179

Fax: 020-31076026


Mailbox: zhangging@litou668.com

URL: www.ihratlanta.com

Address: Almond altar town, shunde district, foshan city, GaoZan Village Gao Gui Lucy 2 no. 1 # 3

Operation rules of sticker machine

Sticker machine is a good cover film equipment, automation equipment is relatively high, with the effect is also very good, do not use with other equipment, a detailed understanding of the rules before, first look at the sticker machine.

First, before using the sticker machine, the equipment should be thoroughly checked to see if there is any abnormality in the equipment, and then if there is any damage to the fittings on the equipment, if necessary, replace or repair it in time.

Second, open the sticker machine power supply, to open the control cabinet on the pressure switch, and the temperature can not be too high, generally below 50 degrees can amount, if too high will affect the processing quality.

Third. Before using the equipment, you should clean with a wet cloth, enter the output roller and the surface of each roller, and check that there is no dirt in the equipment, you can start the operation.