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Countermeasures for common faults of overlaying machine

Veneer machine is a good paper machine, although the structure of veneer machine looks relatively simple, but its processing efficiency is still relatively fast, but also can adapt to different sizes of paper, here we deal with the method PVC veneer machine common fault.

1, curl. In the printing process, if there is a crimp phenomenon, it is suggested that you adjust the pulling force of the plastic film, and also can reduce the temperature of the hot roller of the press roller properly, and also control the temperature of the production link.

2 bubbles. PVC overlaying machine produces bubbles when it is produced. You can clean the surface of the paper, and also control the mixture ratio of the adhesive and thinner. You can also dry the paper and adjust the humidity of the workshop,

3, wrinkle. PVC overlaying machine this phenomenon is more common, this phenomenon occurs, we must first adjust the guide roller conveyor belt, pay attention to the paper delivery uniformity, but also adjust the pressure roller roller and guide roller gap.

Veneer machine if such a fault, we may wish to try the above response, I believe it will help everyone,