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How to operate and pay attention to honeycomb machinery

Different single-sided machines require different pressures and upper glue clearance settings, and the best use is to guide manuals and trainers from suppliers. However, a general principle is that the minimum pressure applied between the corrugating roll and the pressure roller is consistent with the good shape and the new adhesive forming. The ideal pressure setting is determined by the shape of the roll and the thickness of the sheet, and varies according to the width. Usually, the better the paper, the higher the temperature of the roller, the less pressure it needs. At the same time, smaller pressure can also help to reduce the damage to paper and prolong the service life of corrugating roller. According to the corrugated paper, as much as possible to reduce the use of pretreatment steam. However, the proper amount of steam helps the paper pass smoothly through the corrugated roller to the overpass.

Similarly, at the single machine of corrugated paper tension must be controlled to a minimum, in order to avoid folding or binding in feed. Ideally, the core paper enters the compression zone under the action of the roll overdrive.

The roll gap in the sizing unit is very important. These intervals include the interval between the top roller and the top roller, and the gap between the top roller and the corrugating roller. The former determines the glue thickness portion of the cord to tip; the latter are set according to the thickness of the paper, slightly higher than the paper, but also to prevent the operation of the machine stops (such as paper and fracture) caused friction between metal. Obviously, as long as the roll is not parallel, it will cause uneven gluing, and then lead to warpage of the paperboard.