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Guangdong Lituo automation equipment Co., Ltd

Contact: Mr. Zhang

Sales Hotline: 18665717216

Telephone: 020-84551179

Fax: 020-31076026


Mailbox: zhangging@litou668.com

URL: www.ihratlanta.com

Address: Almond altar town, shunde district, foshan city, GaoZan Village Gao Gui Lucy 2 no. 1 # 3

Maintenance and maintenance of cladding machine

1, the working environment should be kept clean, to prevent dust falling into the coating system, affecting the quality of coating.

2, reducer lubricants in the initial use of 1 months after the replacement of new lubricants, and then replaced every six months, when the workload is large, 3 months change 1 times. In summer, when the temperature is high, should replace the viscosity of the reducer lubricant. When the temperature is low in winter, you should replace the reducer lubricant with small viscosity. Transmission system: sprocket drive, the chain part with Butter 1 times a month. In the case of a gear transmission system, the turbine seat shall be filled with butter once every two weeks. The turbine seat shall be added 2 times a week without oil seals.

3. After work, the main power must be switched off.

4 the repair or adjustment of components shall be handled by the professionals concerned.